8 Best Black Friday Fireplace Screen Deals & Sales [2022]

Do you guys have a Fireplace Screen at your home?

If yes, then you must be irritated by the ashes that come from the fireplace and makes all the room/ hall dirty. Well, I was very very irritated by that stuff, all the time.

So you guys can use a Black Friday Fireplace Screen to prevent all the ashes to get into the house.

The Fireplace Screen not only stops the ashes from entering the room but also prevents the heat of the fire from the fireplace to come into the room when you don’t want to keep the room warmer.

Well, when you’ll go to find the Fireplace Screen to buy, you will get many options there.

Some of them are good and some are not really doing the expected work.

So here I am writing a review about, which Amazon Fireplace Screen you should buy.

As everyone wants to buy a product which would be perfect according to their wants and budget.

And the Fireplace Screen is something that would be get fixed on your fireplace, so you need that to look beautiful.

My review is about Plow and Hearth’s Small Beveled Glass Diamond Fireplace Screen which I’ve used and loved too much that it is fitted in my main hall’s fireplace.

Let me tell you about the Fireplace Screen.

Best Black Friday Fireplace Screen Deals & Sales 2022

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Black Friday Fireplace Screen | Plow and Hearth’s Glass Diamond

Amazon Fireplace Screen
Black Friday Fireplace Screen

The Plow and Hearth’s Glass Diamond Amazon Fireplace Screen is very beautifully made that it looks very awesome on our fireplace. The thing I like about it is the fact that it obscures the fire perfectly when we close its doors, we need to do it when the hall gets very hot by the fire or when we don’t want the heat.

It is stable and also prevents the flying embers to enter the house and also keeps the ashes in the fireplace. There’s a magnet attached, which keeps the doors close. Those magnets have the right amount of attraction so that the doors could be kept shut and open easily.


  • It has four glass parts which have diamond and floral designs and also it shines in the firelight
  • It has two doors, with safety handles and magnetic latches.
  • The screen consists of front and back feet, which provides stability to it.
  • It is designed in such a way that it looks very decorative, the glass panels are elevated so that it could look beautiful in all the seasons.
  • This mesh is heavyweight and tubular, It is Lightweight, long-lasting, durable
  • The finishing is done with a black powder coat


Dimensions: 41.7 x 33.7 x 4.1 (inches)

Weight: 34.1 pounds

Brand: Plow and Hearth


The Plow and Hearth’s Glass Diamond Fireplace Screen will help you to protect pets and children from a fire so that they could not come accidentally in contact with the fire when you are not around.

Also, it will turn your fireplace into the center of attraction, even when no fire burning there.

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I hope you guys will like my Black Friday Fireplace Screen review and choose the best product and also share and spread my Amazon Fireplace Screen review.