Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020 – If you’re familiar with Pure-Fi anywhere, you basically know what it’s like to get out of follow-up. Logitech bundles four speaker drivers, an iPod or iPhone dock, and a 10-hour rechargeable battery in a 13.25 “3.7-wide” 1.6″ higher than the deep white or black plastic enclosure; A layer of clear plastic on the front makes each model look like the fifth-generation iPod and the original iPod Nano off since Apple. The speakers stand on a lightweight crouch with 2 flip-out metal legs, which fold inward for storage in case of a included carrying. An infrared remote control and power supply are similarly crammed in, easily keeping together to bring the Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 inside case, and includes the largest collection of Logitech Dock adapters we can remember seeing in a third-party device box – 12, or one for the iPhone and the addition of every iPod for 2003 third generation design.

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Amazing noise in such a compact package blew the less expensive design out of the water. We heard the street on our courtyard area and we both love it! The remote works great, and the battery is charged quickly. StereoXL looks great on the road. We are thrilled.Seevery awesome type of aspect, rechargeable battery and an excellent gamer with excellent sound for size. Plugging in and controlling the box can be a bit easier and more intense and simple to use and supply more feedback (like LCD shows so you know how close you are). Remote essentially controls everything and has smart power saving functions. Overall we love this item a lot because it’s exactly what we need – lets us boom noises from our iPhone when we go as travel.

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This item is a good price. Easy to use, easy to continue. I like the voice.

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I loved this product the minute I brought it home. It’s awesome sound and I like to do my actions while taking it around your house! So, I love the specific aspects of my iPod player, but really wish that the quality of the hardware was a great as noise.lived up to my expectations. The sound quality for the size of the unit is remarkable. Battery operation > > 8 hours almost in full quantity. Itoch charges when connected to the wall wart. If you need a little portable system to pack away especially for trips. Find yourself a favorite and check these out.

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This is most likely the best value for the iPhone sound dock. I’m definitely really happy with this little logitech net fi anywhere 2 and I highly suggest it. I was looking to buy Bose Soundock and I did extensive research studies and in a lot of places it’s called the next best speaker after Sounddock. Bose is Bose, Bose is better, far better, can be much better. Though for $400 less, it could actually be the next finest system after Bose. I’m also a huge fan of JBL and I likewise do JBLs much better than this because JBLS has crisper highs but certainly doesn’t bass and it’s at least $100 more and even without portability. This thing weighs almost absolutely nothing and is very portable, I can very quickly select it with 2 finger, just due to the fact that I need to get it, otherwise you could lift this with your fingernails. Finally, this thing looks awesome, works fantastic, its very portable, charges your iPhone, works remotely is awesome, and it only costs me 55 dollars.

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Kind FactorI like the look of this pure fi player. It’s slim, streamlined and lightweight so lugging it around is a cinch. To make things more hassle-free, Logitech has included an excellent carry case that has similar battery charger (also well designed for mobility) and space for wireless IR remotes.And above the displays, the best thing about this dock is that it doesn’t need any external power source. Not just does the dock charge its internal battery when connected to a power socket, it’s similarly charging any iPod that’s docked with it.Down LineIf you can avoid destroying your music a lot and are skilled at making sure your audio files are well balanced in terms of quality, Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 is a great dock. I understand that we say this a lot, when applicable in these reviews, but, this dock is not something you can run a celebration with regardless of how small the room may be. Just to hear casual, set up in a small house in exchange for a hardcore speaker, it is Rather correct.I’m going to start with im a substantial fan of Logitech and their (g500 icons, g19 keyboards, z4 speakers just to name a few and all the work astonishingly) I bought these speakers a few years ago and they worked fine when I got them, but they would be constantly over and still do. The battery has never lasted over 4 hours when I got it, quite sure the box said 10 hours. There’s a button on them that allows you to make sure you go from 2 to 4 speakers, I have yet to discover a song that feels better with all 4 speakers…M too often set the unit in my workplace at my desk to listen to music while I worked. That place is large, and opens into our great rooms, and has high ceilings. Pure-Fi worked well sitting at my desk or supplying bookshelves background music behind me.